Monday, December 31, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 178-184

Day 178: It doesn't especially feel like an hour's worth of work, but it was Christmas and I was with friends. My gift to myself is to be happy with how it looks and not focus on whether or not I 'cheated'.

Day 179: As much as I like this overall, I love how her hair came out. I need to figure out how to bring gestural pencilwork like that into my paintings.

Day 180: I can blame a lot of this on Anne Hathaway's Fantine, but the rest is... just itself, really.

Day 181: I'd put about 15 minutes into this when my friend's nephews showed up at her apartment and I went to help their parents; when I came back, the toddler had added his artistic statement. Instead of getting angry [at myself] or starting over, I turned the scribbles into some ribbons; the resulting jagged flow of them is... honestly really fascinating, and nothing I'd have done on my own!

Day 182: You can't see in this scan, but a lot of time went into lowering that left shoulder again and again, and turning her from some humpback creeping monster into this. The angle of her head, the drape of her hair, that left hand - this is a page I really do love.

Day 183: This was going in a stronger direction than the result really shows, but it's not really disappointing - just fine instead of great.

Day 184: This seemed to be heading to the same end as the day before, and while I would have accepted that on any other day, to end the project on an okay note was not acceptable. So while this isn't one of the pages that I stop at and know that I got something, it's definitely more than a 'fine' drawing.

...and that's all, folks: six months of a drawing a day. I'll be writing up a postmortem of sorts for the project for tomorrow. In the meantime - thanks for sticking around!

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