Saturday, February 8, 2014

Evenstar Pages 12-13

I started working on this comic with the easiest image for me - the big dark double-page spread one page from the end. It was the easiest way to get myself into the hatching in a context that would be far more forgiving than, say, anything with figures.

The end result needed a lot of Photoshoppery, but I expected that, since pencil really only goes so dark without going past hatching and into full coverage... and the end result is something I'm pretty damn pleased with!

The raw scan

After Photoshop
I need to go back into the original and take out that weird half-panel around the Evenstar the way I did digitally, so I can present it for sale, but other than that I'm letting them stand as two very separate entities.

Next up to bat: not another Evenstar page, but instead, my Month of Love drawing! Stay tuned.