Sunday, December 9, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 127-133

Day 127: This was a Tired Drawing, and I hated it at the time and the anatomy is really suspect, but - I like this a lot, actually.

Day 128: This. Okay, her spine is broken, but this? This was an absolute joy to draw, and it makes me really, very happy to look at. I mean, drapery and a beautiful lady and a halo - the only way I could hit any more of my own buttons would be to have made her hair caught in the wind or something.

Day 129: This is a very different piece, but I like it a lot. Working with angles instead of curves, and hardness as something other than an accept for softness.

Day 130: I was aiming for something in specific here, and while I got it, it doesn't really belong in the rest of the book? I don't know - it's a drawing I like, but it's obviously something different from something simply coming from me.

Day 131: I, uh. Really, really like this one. This is something I want to re-approach in a drawing or a painting, or at least work with again, because something about it really does click. Again with using hardness as a main focus and softness as an accent...

Day 132: And then we have a drawing with no hardness in it at all, and a lot of artist notes from the lecture I was attending at Illuxcon.

Day 133: This is a perfectly acceptable drawing. Nothing special, not much to say - more Illuxcon notes, and not much else.

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