Friday, December 14, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 134-142

Day 134: I did this on the last day of/ride home from/homecoming from Illuxcon. It is something of a departure for me - this lady is about hardness, about sharpness and power and danger. About deadness! Which is fascinating to watch come from my pencil, lemme tell you.

Day 135: I have a lot of devotional art and random symbolism floating around in my head, and it takes really no push at all to make it come out in these sketches.

Day 136: Just a pretty lady with really rather flowey hair, because I'm a simple soul.

Day 137: This would be a pretty useless page if not for the pretty interesting... thing going on in the back. I don't know, I really like patterns.

Day 138: Not really sure about this one. It's... inoffensive?

Day 139: I don't do creepy very well, but an easy shortcut is making the eyes indistinct shadowed pits.

Day 140: I sort of already drew this pose, but I really love the shape a back makes, and the gestuere overall is something I'm fond of.

Day 141: This is one of my favorite pages so far. This is just... really pleasing to me. It's very simple and if I were to paint this I'd have to be more thoughtful with the environment (not just because the current one is lazy but because this piece needs some meat to not be an absurdly shallow picture) but oh do I love looking at it.

Day 142: Almost, but not quite. Any knowledge of animal anatomy would have helped.

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