Wednesday, December 26, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 160-170

Day 160: There is no such thing as 'gratuitously flowey' in my world.

Day 161: I liked this more before I tore and tattered the curtains, but I still like it.

Day 162: As is written on the page, this is a tired drawing. It's not very good on pretty much any scale of judgement.

Day 163: Sabriel. This was one of the first books to catch me and hold; its cover was the first art to do the same. I... have been really remiss in my response to such important foundational forces in my creative life. So: Sabriel, the Abhorsen. Apart from the position of her bell-hand/arm, I'm really quite pleased with this.

Day 164: A siren, apparently. I like the gesture of her upper body but I'm not sold on the tail's positioning.

Day 165: We won't speak of this.

Day 166: It was cold in my apartment. The page as a composition would have been much more effective if I hadn't tried to shoehorn in those trees on the left.

Day 167: The Newtown shooting happened, and I was just so sad. I don't usually 'draw my feelings', but it's comforting to have the outlet. There is very real comfort to be had in the familiar.

Day 168: A strong woman, ready for action and... staking some vampires? Inspired by a friend, who has a lot of good things to say about the portrayal of women in fantasy art.

Day 169: ...I'm honestly not sure.

Day 170: There is no shame to be had in drawing the same thing over and over again, because it informs the conscious mind that there's something in the unconscious mind that is working itself out.

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