Wednesday, December 19, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 143-151

Day 143: Flowey and strong. There's a directness to her gaze that I'm quite pleased with, especially since I very rarely draw anyone directly facing the viewer. (I have friends who posit this says something about me; I maintain there's a power in an averted gaze.)

Day 144: And then I drew a centaur lady, absolutely making up every single bit of horse 'anatomy' because I was not near reference (read as: on the train). Her outstretched arm and hair are personal favorites.

Day 145: Thanksgiving, and a Harvest deity, who is either neuter or transgender: I do not know.

Day 146: While a part of me knows that every artist of a certain temperament and genre has done this image or nearabout, I cannot be moved to care because I find it lovely.

Day 147: Not really sure here; I know that the anatomy of her legs falls apart under anything more substantial than a glance (which is why I hid the back leg behind drapery, hoo hoo hoo) but the off-balance pose lends it a sense of dance, which is an awesome break from the very still figures I usually produce.

Day 148: And even more onto the realm of 'I don't really draw this, but I'm really glad I did'. I was very peaceful on the day I drew this, actually; I remember being bemused by the emotion it suggests as I was drawing.

Day 149: All I really have to say is that this was much better in my head than it came out on paper.

Day 150: I was thinking of feathers, and woodgrain.

Day 151: Shapes directed this one: I followed the way the curving lines led. It was an abject disappointment until I added in those wings, because triangle compositions are the answer.

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