Friday, December 28, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 171-177

Day 171: The anatomy is, mm, strange, and I actually hate the way her hair turned out, but I love her feet of all things, and the hand curled by them.

Day 172: Apart from the fact that her head is far too big for her body, I really like this. Flowey, sad-looking ladies!

Day 173: And then there's this. This really, really catches me - I want to do something more with it, figure out how to turn it into a painting. I love halos, but have never really been able to figure out how to include one in a painting 'naturally' - but if I'm to paint this, the halo is important. (I think.) It's something to think on.

 Day 174: Sad lady with flowey hair: we know the drill.

Day 175: This was me trying to draw someone specific, and it's just a boring result.

Day 176: The broken neck aside, I'm fond of what happened here. Tiny pearls and delicate lines make me happy.

Day 177: Not really sure about this, apart from the fact that I like all of her delicacy vs. the grip on the chain.

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