Sunday, December 2, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 119-126

Day 119: This is not really something 'I'd do', but it fell out of my pencil and I really do love it. The gesture of her, especially - though I know the  anatomy leaves a lot to be desired.

Day 120: This is... this is a drawing I really love. A lot of things came together here, and my eternal love for devotional art really clicked within the drawing.

Day 121: Action! Anatomically impossible though it may be! I really enjoy drawing drapery in a few very simple action lines. And hair is always my favorite.

Day 122: This is a... strange drawing. I don't even know - and I'm pretty sure that all of that stippling constitutes cheating on my hour minimum. I still like the outcome even so?

Day 123: Here is, very simply, me enjoying myself. Boneless arms - or elegance+3?

Day 124: Apparently November 1st is International Self-portrait Day, and I found this out in time to do it as my drawing for this project! I'd done a self-portrait before, in September, and here's the difference two months makes:

Day 125: I slipped back into the horse-faces I used to draw to the exclusion of any decent profiles here. I like her hair, though? And the fall of her cloak.

Day 126: Aaaand here's what happens when a drawing just doesn't work. I was sick and tired and I really just didn't being any discipline to bear on this.

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