Tuesday, October 30, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 95-101

Day 95: Oh, this page was great. I really enjoyed it - the loose fast gesture of the first figure, the fun with details and expression on the profile, the flow of the floating head. Things don't always fall out of my pencil as neatly as these did, so I try to really inhabit my drawing when it does happen like that.

Day 96: And again. That figure just clicked together - I started with loosely referencing a photo of Florence Welch, and then just let the drawing pull in the direction it wanted to go. It was a fast one, so I spent the rest of my hour pushing myself to draw someone a little less idealized.

Day 97: This - this drawing makes me laugh. It is hysterical and I was giggling for pretty much the entire hour+ it took... but I actually like some of the things going on as well.

Day 98: I really love the figure in all of her soft simplicity. The other two drawings were a little too overwrought, but I like them a lot more than I did at the moment.

Day 99: I was very sad on the day I did this drawing, though I can't really remember why. I didn't want to challenge myself; I didn't want to have to think hard. So I drew things that are very easy and meditative for me: a profile, curly designs. And it really was a form of meditation, because I emerged from the hour fairly peaceful, if still melancholy.

Day 100: One hundred days is a milestone no matter how you slice it, but in the spirit of my not really making a big deal of each month's end, this is just a drawing. I put in a background because the figure seemed to demand it - she has a great attitude, one the ladies I draw usually don't have. Whatever's wrecked back there, you can be sure she's the one who did it.

Day 101: And then we swing in the absolute opposite direction: here is a very soft, very flowey lady. My aesthetic, let me show you it.

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