Monday, October 8, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 76-82

Day 76: This is a pretty bad drawing that was supposed to be Galadriel. Hah. (I like the Mirror's pedestal.)

Day 77: Here's a more-successful drawing of what's supposed to be Arwen. In this most recent read-through, I was blindsided by Feelings About Arwen, specifically involving her making Aragorn's standard, the one which her brothers and the Dúnedain bring to him in Rohan. At the risk of writing an essay about a character that had maybe a cumulative paragraph of presence outside of the Appendices, I'll just post the meh drawing and plan a proper illustration for the future.

Day 78: And then here's a truly bad attempt at Éowyn, of which I will speak no more.

Day 79: Hello, Jenna!

Day 80: I love the motion of this! No explanation or reason behind it.

Day 81: I really, really love his face, but I don't know how to draw bodies doing this, and so it fell apart.

Day 82: This, on the other hand, just makes me absurdly happy.

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