Monday, October 15, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 83-88

Day 83: I have a lot of feelings about Éowyn. I'd like to paint some of them, but in the mean time, have a drawing.

Day 84: This one just... never really got off the ground. I like parts of it, but not the whole.

Day 85: Humans of New York posted a photo I fell in love with, so I drew from it.

Day 86: Not really sure what this is, except sorta cool.

Day 87: This one I like a lot, for all that it's a very tired subject in art. Just because everyone else in the universe has drawn a drowning pretty lady with flowers and a dress doesn't mean I can't!

Day 88: There is an illustration I've had planned for months, which I'm still hesitant to begin because the gesture of the figure is going to be so important and I've had a very hard time getting it. This got pretty close, enough that I can go forward and take reference for it... we'll have to see, though.

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  1. Hi Jenna,

    Wonderful images. I love how you captured the pose and gesture on the drawing from Day 85. And, if you do end up painting the first image, I believe it would be even better if you had some of the light from the doorway or window highlighting the part of the figure facing it. I do enjoy them all.