Sunday, October 21, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 89-94

Day 89: I really do love this, for all I have no idea what's going on.

Day 90: Though the hands are far too small for her body, I am very happy. This was referenced for the face and raised hand.

Day 91: I drew a man! Poorly! I really need to work on my visual vocabulary for male anatomy. (also faces at that angle. Ick.)

Day 92: This is the halfway-point of my project. It's so strange: it doesn't feel like I've been working for three months. And not every day's drawing is great, or fun, or as engaged as it should be, but my average is rising steadily, and there are... moments in a lot of my recent drawings that make me think I might be getting somewhere.

For example, in this drawing, something in the slump of her breasts and torso is pretty much exactly the gesture I wanted. Other parts are wonky as all hell, but that one little square inch - that is good, and that is what this project is about: the small gains.

Day 93: Because I'm amazing, the first three months fit perfectly into one sketchbook. This is the first page of the second sketchbook - which, to my eternal annoyance, is not exactly the same as the first - and I do like it.

Day 94: And then I drew a really thoroughly meh unreferenced Black Widow doing... something with her hands? I don't even know, this wasn't my best day.

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