Sunday, September 23, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 66-69

AKA: Jenna Joins a DnD Campaign

Day 66: I have a human Storm Cleric. Her name is Corinne and I ran out of patience while working on her chain mail. In my head, she is a redhead and all her raiment is grey.

Day 67: My friend has a Human Knight. Her name is Lyra. When I asked for her description, the phrase 'douchey grin' came up more times than anything else.

Day 68: And then I tried and failed to draw my other friend's Elf Wizard, Zeke.

Day 69: This is still not good, but it's less not-good than the previous day.

Of the group, only Lyra really got the full treatment of design and character. My Corinne got designed, but is sort of a blank slate in terms of who she is, while Zeke just... got given up on. Not pictured: Benny, our Halfling Rogue, and two characters that might join but whose players haven't committed yet.

This was a fun diversion but ultimately not something I 'felt' enough to continue with. It's more important for me to feel that the art is connected to something in me than to pursue 'projects' within the project.

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