Tuesday, September 18, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 59-65

A longer post than usual, since I've been remiss about keeping up with showing my daily pages and need to catch up. Two and a half weeks behind!

Day 59: If the Pre-Raphealites have taught me anything, it's that throwing a sweeping cloth behind a figure's head is The Right Thing To Do. Maybe it evens out the awfulness of those hands.

Day 60: I did this over the course of... a lot more than one hour, the day that I went to Allentown to see the At The Edge exhibit, which was so good it hurt. I'm really pleased by the outcome here.

Day 61: This is a character from Elizabeth Bear's Jenny Casey trilogy, which I'd just finished re-reading at the time. The proportions and anatomy of the legs is questionable, but I do like what I did with her overall.

Day 62: This came out rather better than anything I deserved, given my exhaustion and level of sobriety.The gesture is exactly what I wanted.

Day 63: And then I tried to draw Aragorn, and while I like what I did with his face (mostly), the rest sort of fell apart.

Day 64: She was a lot of fun to draw! Black eyes and pretty clothes on awesome ladies, yes.

Day 65: I tried doing a 'doodle page', where I didn't focus on drawing just one thing for my hour. It, uh. Didn't work out well. It's not a bad page, just of questionable use.


  1. Great examples of your work and your thinking. Obviously, the more one draws, the better one gets, so your dedication to drawing is reaping big benefits. And yes, hands are almost always hard to draw.

    1. Thank you! I'm already seeing real results, which is incredibly encouraging.

      Hands are really frustrating without reference! And with reference. But I love to draw them, and they convey so much emotion when done right. I need to practice more.