Thursday, August 30, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 48-53

Day 48: This thought, to try and go back to drawing from my head, is something I'd used in the past as a cop out - oh, I'm too tired/don't have any ref on-hand/etc, might as well just doodle. Here it... still sort of is, but I started getting the memo that maybe I should commit to it, and treat it like a useful hour of drawing.

Day 49: The drawing never quite resolved for this one. It turns out I do have a limit on how small I can effectively draw...

Day 50: And same here. At this size, I can't actually keep the proportions correct and spend far too much time noodling with the face, because one pencil mark being slightly off means that everything is wrong.

Day 51: This, however, is a perfect size for me.

Day 52: This should have been a good drawing, but I was distracted while working on it. Parts of it are there, sort of, but not enough and not overall.

Day 53: This just didn't work out, because I should know better than trying to start a day's drawing at midnight. The second one makes me happy enough, but the overall page is disappointing.

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