Sunday, August 12, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 32-35

Day 32: John Singer Sargent studies! Which sort of miss the point, since one of his biggest strengths is his brushwork...

Day 33: I have loved this photo of my friend for years, and I've attempted to use it before. This time was significantly more successful!

The paragraphs of text are about getting over the fear of the empty page space. I work small and fine and fairly slow, often leading me to the choice between having either one image in a sea of blank paper or a lot of fast drawings - sometimes fast because that's their nature, and sometimes fast because I need to fill the space. I was about to start a second portrait here, and realized... wait, no, I don't have to. I had already spent over an hour on the first drawing, and I had something to do that was a little pressing, and while I could have done something in the given time, it would have been pretty bad.

Day 34: This day marks the last time I will factor in train transit time as available drawing time. This isn't a bad drawing, but it certainly isn't worth the hour and a half if took. Those hands should be so much better!

Day 35: I had markmaking issued with this one, but I do like it.

That drawing from Day 33 again, bigger and a little cleaned up.

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