Saturday, August 25, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 42-47

Day 42: A beautifully-lit vintage photo! I tried to find a balance between rendering and markmaking here.

Day 43: From the same photo as the day before, of the other figure. I didn't do as well as in the other, getting distracted by all of the different elements.

Day 44: Close, but no cigar.

Day 45: I just turned my head off for this one and drew, and am pretty well pleased by the result.

Day 46: I challenged myself to do something heavily involving drapery without becoming a psychopath about each and every fold. I mostly succeeded! The bottom part is a shambles, but I actually finished the figure in around 40 minutes, giving me around 20 to do the A Little Princess sketch.

Day 47: This began as something from reference, of someone holding what looked like hair in bright enough lighting that it turned to filaments of light - and then I just ran with the idea, instead of trying to get something perfectly accurate.


  1. Beautiful renderings. I think you were successful with each sketch. I particularly like the top two.