Saturday, July 28, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 22-26

Day 22: Tiny flowey ladies! Going more for the feel of the motion, rather than perfect accuracy to the reference.

Day 23: Eyes! Eyes are so important. They are very specific in their details, and as humans we look at faces - and eyes - basically before anything else. If they're wrong, or focused incorrectly, it basically doesn't matter how good the rest of the figure is: people will notice

Day 24: Just a simple drawing-from-a-picture. There's something very meditative about rendering with a pencil from a photo; I don't have to think very hard when I do it, as opposed to when I paint, which is a much more mentally engaged activity. (I did the top left third of this on a train ride. There's a trick to riding the train's motion.)

Day 25: I had a talk with a friend about birds recently, specifically that they fascinate and inspire me but I have a hard time drawing them. So I found some good reference and draw one! This manner of drawing, the sketchiness resolving into tone and form, is really new to me, and a lot of fun, and not something I intended.

Day 26: Another drawing from a train. (I've figured out the optimal way to hold reference and the sketchbook while drawing and occupying as little space on the seat as is polite.) Hands are... wonderful.

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