Monday, July 23, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 13-18

More drawing-a-day pages!

Day 13: Hands from early Renaissance paintings. Oh, oh, oh, so lovely.

Day 14: Not my best day. Two of these ladies were done during my 30-minute break at Starbucks, which might explain the quality; the other three were done when I got home.

Day 15: Ehh. If I'm going to do improvement studies on older pieces, I should, you know, put effort into making them worthwhile.

Day 16: There we go. Moral: reference makes everything automatically better, 90% of the time.

Day 17: Now this was a good day for drawing. Fashion! Flowy cloth, lovely ladies!

Day 18: ...and then I tried to catch the same lightning in a second bottle, and failed impressively.

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