Wednesday, July 25, 2012

There and Back Again: Days 19-21

Day 19: For this drawing I decided to go through the hundreds of 'beautiful things' I've spent years saving off of the internet. Creepily enough, I found some photos of a friend on my computer, from when we were screwing around with my new camera back in the senior studios. Her name is Gillian Grossman, and her website is here:

I stopped working when it was clear that finishing the drawing would take rather a long time. I'd already exceeded my hour minimum, and it was time to sleep.

Day 20: Fabric, not having a canon of proportions for me to rely on, takes me forever to draw. This was a bit more than my hour.

Day 21: Close, but no cigar. I decided at the start of the hour that this would be my last day spent drawing her, since there were other things out there to work from; if I hadn't been determined to also finish a painting and a drawing that night, I would have rounded out the time spent on this session to an hour and a half. Alas.

Probably something like three, maybe three and a half hours went into my Gillian-drawing, all told. It would almost certainly be faster to use an actual methodology in my drawing, rather than picking a place to start at the top of the figure and rendering as I move down. For one thing, the proportions here are a bit suspect... though I'm very proud that I got a likeness with the face not only turned away but mostly covered.

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