Thursday, March 1, 2012

Old Portfolio - current as of Spring 2011

Welcome, boys and girls, to what's more or less the portfolio I was showing at the end of last year, and which I purged before summer was over. It's in no particular order. (I thought it would be fun to put this up before going into what I've been doing this past year.)

Saint Pangea

Joan and the Lily

The Handless Maiden

The Pear Tree


The Insect God

The Narwhal Woman


Note: all of these pieces were done in the 10-11 school year, the earliest being Knowledge, the latest being Deadweight. The 'portfolio' that existed before this one really wasn't even worth being called such. (the two pieces in this that show my sensibility best are Saint Pangea and The Narwhal Woman, the latter of which I'll be talking about more later.)

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