Monday, January 7, 2013

On my plate

At the moment, there are three in-progress paintings in my studio and in a perfect world they'll all be done in time to be entered in Spectrum. Spectrum's deadline is the 25th of this month - but one of the pieces is for the Nymph ArtOrder challenge, and that is due the 21st.

As of right now, this is how I stand:

First pass, done. Nearly everything is the wrong color, value, or both - but the bones are all there.

First pass not done, but it's... not a complicated piece, just big for me (23"x16.5") and therefore slow.

This sonuvabitch will never die.

This is going to be an interesting two weeks. My priority is finishing Riverdaughter (the first one) really nicely - of the other two, Holding the Pass (the last one) is closest but I have more momentum with Precious Burdens (the middle one).

It feels amazing to have the wind at my back again.

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