Monday, May 28, 2012

IMC 2012 Assignment Prep 2

Because I suppose it's making me anxious not to have the photoshoot done, I sat down and did some studies for Tristan and Isolde.

The 'clothing studies' are mostly notes and doodles of borders and trims, because until I have my reference in hand I don't really know how the clothes are going to need to be built - and because doing anything super solid before The Critique seems somewhat silly.

In the end, the clothing itself isn't going to be complicated. Big dramatic drapey dresses would be incredibly fun to draw, but a) they'd take more careful referencing than I'm able to do at current; b) even assuming I had the reference, it would take more time to paint than I really have; and c) in the end, the feel I want from this illustration wouldn't actually support a design like that. What I'm concentrating on are the characters and the emotion of the story and scene, and having really ambitious clothing would pull focus from that (whether because it would overpower the subtle things I'm going for or because it would just be that badly painted is up for discussion...). Simple clothing - an understated tunic and hose for him, a plain white dress for her - makes my job a lot easier, and means that a little will go a long way in terms of decoration.

I wound up only doing a couple of color studies. I knew what I wanted basically from the get-go, leaving only a question of whether I wanted to go low-contrast and low-chroma, or higher-contrast and -chroma. I've decided on the latter, because although I love me some dreamy, neutral scenes, this is not the illustration for it. The bright warm light will play off of the cool shadows in a really lovely way, if I manage pull it off...

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